something wicked background

New album -

Something Wicked

Our new album for Halloween 2016. Dark groundbreaking electro horror music


Return of the boogeyman

Edge of Night

Something Wicked this way comes

Fade to black



Shadows in the moonlight

Night terrors


Burial (remix)

The dance of Halloween


No. 13

Afraid of the dark

Supernatural (remix)

Afraid of the dark (ambient) & Bonus royalty free music


Available to download here now




something wicked cover something wicked 2 BACK

Something Wicked II - Royalty Free Horror Music


Copyright free, royalty free halloween music to use in your

horror themed projects.


Use the music any way you like.


Available to download now from the following sites





The Incredible Dark Carnival


The Amazon Top 20 hit album

Horror circus music, Halloween Carnival Music and

Creepy clown themes.

The perfect soundtrack to your Horror Circus themed event or





cd art low

Spine Chillers


Rondo Hatton Award Nominee for 'Best Horror album'

A dark collection of 20 new terrifying electro horror themes


Download now from the following sites





cd cover alt

Ghost Stories


Inspired by the paranormal and supernatural.

A terrifying journey into the world of ghosts.

Haunting electro orchestral themes.


Download now from the following sites





sam cd rondo

Welcome to the Horror Show


Truly groundbreaking themes of horror.

Each song is inspired by a classic horror or halloween subject.

Scarecrows, Ghost Trains and Zombies all make an appearance on

this eerie electro album.







Halloween Carnival

The debut album from Sam Haynes. Awesome electro

themes of horror for halloween.


Download now from the following sites






The Gift of Christmas Fear

One of the first Halloween Haunt albums for Christmas

Dark electronic horror versions of your Christmas favorites

Add some fear to your celebrations.







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