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Haynes places his emphasis on the more cinematic, atmospheric elements (calling to mind another FEARnet fave, Midnight Syndicate). The results will feel right at home in the foggy, cobwebbed corridors of a Halloween attraction, but also command your attention as groovy stand-alone works... - FEARnet

It’s probably fair to say that this is what we want all our Halloween CDs to sound like. - Mr Frights

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This is someone with an incredibly talented ear for classic horror movies and a love for the dark. That Sam Haynes has so easily melded the unique sounds of Halloween and horror with ridiculously awesome electronic music is amazing. -

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Sam Haynes returns with a new collection of synthwave music

for Halloween


A truly groundbreaking 'absolutely astonishing'

darkwave album



Darkwaves is a synth driven nightmare taking you to the

darker side of electronic music.

This collection contains some great uptempo tracks that

will be perfect for Haunt Queues, Theme Parks and

Horror themed productions.


Sam has teamed up with multi talented musician Gary Bennet

on 2 new songs 'Witch House' and 1984. The results of

this collaboration speak for themselves!


This is the future of Halloween music....



The new album "DarkWaves" by Sam Haynes is a musical treat where the only tricks are great hooks, haunting melodies, vintage synth sounds, and the featured guitar of Gary Bennett on "Witch House - Remix" and "1984 (Psychobilly mix)", both phenomenal tracks.


Sam Haynes has poured his soul into "DarkWaves" and it's paid off with his strongest work to date. It's the album I have been waiting for. It's more upbeat, more rocking, and haunting as hell. I can't stop listening to it. This is music listenable, beyond Halloween, anytime of the year.


Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween on SIYS Radio


Please get in touch if you are looking for custom music for your horror / halloween themed projects. We love working with others in the horror community and will create the perfect soundtrack for your project.

















Creator of groundbreaking Electro Orchestral Horror music inspired by classic horror themes. All music is designed to create dark atmosphere. Used by for the Halloween, Haunt,  Podcast, Movie and gaming industry worldwide.


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