These are killer ambient tunes that pack your bags for you and lead you right into the major kills and scares of any horror film or haunted house - Creepercast

Haynes places his emphasis on the more cinematic, atmospheric elements (calling to mind another FEARnet fave, Midnight Syndicate). The results will feel right at home in the foggy, cobwebbed corridors of a Halloween attraction, but also command your attention as groovy stand-alone works... - FEARnet

It’s probably fair to say that this is what we want all our Halloween CDs to sound like. - Mr Frights

facen twit frightee awars


This is someone with an incredibly talented ear for classic horror movies and a love for the dark. That Sam Haynes has so easily melded the unique sounds of Halloween and horror with ridiculously awesome electronic music is amazing. -

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This is so much more than filler music for a horror themed night/party this is the embodiment and future of horror music -

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New music for haunts and halloween parties

the new cd double bill for halloween 2014 - spine chillers and ghost stories

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